All my Fuchsia are watered daily excepting on those very rare occasions that it is baking hot, I then water morning and evening, the Patio is in full sun until about 3pm, all are fed weekly with Phostogen.
I have been very lucky and seem to be disease free, I shall keep my fingers crossed now that I have said that.

I have a bench outside the greenhouse where I keep my cuttings in the summer, it isn't quite as hot as the Patio, I take them into the greenhouse over winter when the Tomatoes etc. have finished.
The greenhouse has an electric heater set to frost free. I line with bubble wrap each Autumn.

All of my Fuchsia are at the end of the summer cut back and repotted and placed in the greenhouse over winter.
In March I then replace into the baskets, until they are ready to harden off and go into the garden. The ones left go later into the large pots etc. on the Patio after hardening off.

I was advised to leave in original baskets etc. and move into greenhouse, told I was making work for myself repotting, this did not work for me, so I went back to my old method as above.


Dawn Star.jpg

Dawn Star:-

This is a favourite and thanks to my son Scott's photography the colours, Lilac Carolla and White Sepals, are spot on. A really beautiful large double Fuchsia that doesn't fade in the sun. If I was brave and I am not, I would thin out the buds making the flowers even larger, a long time ago I decided that I would rather have more large flowers than fewer extra large, I have never regretted this. Flowers until first frosts when I then take into the greenhouse.
Cuttings root easily.

Dancing Flame:-

If I could nominate a Fuchsia as the most prolific of all, this would be it. A large flowered double, with an Orange Corolla and Creamy White Sepals.|
This really is the very easiest to grow, gives a stunning display. I have it in a triple stand on the Patio as in the picture at the top of the page, it never lets me down, it is situated where it catches all the sun and the dreaded Marshside winds, believe me the wind really swirls around here which is why plastic pots are a no no, they just get tipped over. Cuttings root very easily and disease free. Deeppurple.jpg

Deep Purple:-

A lovely Fuchsia with a Purple Corolla and white Sepals. I thought this was going to be a bit fussy but it is not, the flowers are very large, larger than Dawn Star.
Last season I placed it in full sun thinking I had made a mistake, but no it was quite happy, must admit I will wait until next season and test it again in full sun, I hope.
This is the only one of my Fuchsia that I find difficult to strike cuttings from, haven't over the years found why, next year will try rooting powder for this one, I do not need it for the others. The Corolla is much darker than in the Photo.


A Single with a burnt red Carolla and white sepals, semi trailing habit, very good around the edge of pot with Thalia or any upright as a centre piece. It is listed as an upright
but I find it more semi trailing, and trouble free. You will notice I say this about most I grow, the reason if they are troublesome I do not grow again.

This is a very graceful, semi hardy, but delicate looking plant, in mild winters it is said to survive outdoors, however I do not risk this, our winters are so unpredictable it just isn't worth the risk.
Very free flowering. Have often thought I would it put at the end of the garden on the circle that has the triple hanging baskets for a change, maybe next season

Kit Oxenby:-kit oxenby.jpg

A lovely peachy pink colour with pinky/white sepals, very free flowering. Its basket usually sits at the corner of the garage in full sun and really gets blown about, never bats an eyelid, just keeps on flowering until Autumn. I keep an extra eye on it as I often think the basket will take off. Perhaps the Buddleia gives it some protection.


Marcus Graham:-Marcus Graham.jpg

This lovely basket fuchsia is one of the best with masses of huge pink double blooms. It's great in a basket but has enough strength to support itself in patio containers.
Cuttings root easily, I grow it in a large container by the greenhouse as I do not have a spare basket. like so many is trouble free.



A vigorous, upright ( Triphylla) with dark olive-green leaves, tinged purple beneath. In summer and autumn it bears clusters of fiery orange blooms. Very easy to grow.
When grown from a cutting it needs stopping early to ensure good habit or becomes leggy. Well worth growing, I often have it as a centre piece with Checkerboard on the outside, I have also put Petunia Blue Vein on the outside,trailing down the pot, this was excellent.



A really old and well tested double Fuchsia with a frilly White Carolla and Red Sepals. Never lets me down gives a great show until November.
This is often listed as a hardy Fuchsia, which in a mild winter it is, in that 2009/10 winter I lost mine as I left out in what I thought was sheltered spot, for once I hadn't taken
cuttings, fool that I am. Buying new stock I now make sure I bring them in and take cuttings!!


Pink Pantha:-Pinkpantha.jpg

As in this photo I have this in the triple basket on a paved circle in almost a corner, at the end of the garden, doesn't get quite as much sun as the Patio and is protected
from the swirling winds around here that might tip it over. The base to guard against this has some bricks in the bottom, and then the Hosta which works well. I have tried other things in the base without success, most plants get leggy looking for the light, the Hosta seem quite happy, they seem to take whatever is thrown at them.
Pink Pantha has a Salmon Pink single Carolla with White Sepals, it really is repeat flowering, provided it is deheaded regularly and well fed.
I can see this from the Lounge window, its quite a sight, gives me great pleasure.



With a Pink Sepal and White Carolla, often listed as a hardy Fuchsia, which in a mild winter it is, as we never can tell what our weather will do I have learnt to over winter in the greenhouse. A vigorous repeat flowering plant, well worth growing. Trouble free.



Carmel Blue:-

A gift from my Son, this was a big disappointment. First flush of flowers and I though wow this is great, sadly after that it didn't produce many flowers,
just didn't come up to the standaCarmel Blue.jpgrd I expect, will not be growing again.